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The American singer’s net worth, age, height, weight, relationships, the biography on Wikipedia, and family, you’ve come to the right place. Yeats, born on 26 February 2000 in California, has quickly risen to fame in the music industry with his unique sound and captivating performances. At just 23 years old, he has significantly impacted and gained a large following.

But there’s more to Yeats than just his musical talent. He comes from a Christian family and holds American nationality. In this post, we’ll delve into his personal and professional life, including Yeats Net Worth, to give you a complete picture of this rising star. So, let’s dive in and learn more about Yeats!

Yeats Bio Wiki

Real Name  Noah Oliver Smith
Nick Name Yeat
Date of Birth  26 February, 2000
Birth Place California, United State
Age  23 Years 

Who is Yeats?

Yeats is a rising star in the American music scene, rapidly gaining popularity with his unique sound and engaging performances. Despite his young age, he has already made quite a mark in the industry. His birth date is 26th February 2000, which makes him a Pisces. As a California native, his music often reflects his home state’s laid-back yet lively vibe.

He is known for his masterful command over different genres and his ability to fuse them seamlessly in his music. With his American nationality, he brings a distinct flavor of American pop culture and Christian values to his work. His music resonates with a broad audience, making him a sensation among music lovers.

Yeats Education

Delving into Yeats’s educational background, he spent his formative years at Lakeridge High School in his home state, California. Here, he not only completed his early education but also accomplished his graduation. Yeats’ passion for music was evident early, leading him to embark on an ambitious journey towards the East Coast.

Upon graduating, he relocated to the bustling city of New York, aspiring to make it big as a rapper. However, the initial years in the Big Apple were tough for him, and his aspirations did not come to fruition as he had hoped. These challenges, however, did not dampen his spirit. Instead, they led him to relocate again, this time to the star-studded city of Los Angeles. This move proved to be a turning point in his life, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Yeats Family

Despite being a popular figure in the music industry, Yeats keeps his family life private, shying away from the media’s glare. However, it’s known that he comes from a Christian family based in California, where he was born and raised. His parents have always supported his ambitions, nurturing his musical talent from a young age. They encouraged him to express himself through his art, fueling his passion for music.

While not much is publicly known about his siblings, if any, it is clear that his family’s strong Christian values have shaped him and his musical style. Yeats often pays tribute to his roots through his music, embodying the spirit of the Californian lifestyle in his work. His family has been a strong pillar of support throughout his journey, pushing him to chase his dreams and never lose sight of who he is.

Yeats’s Early Life and Background

Born as Noah Oliver Smith, but known by his stage name Yeat, his early years were spent in Irvine, California, where he was born on 26th February 2000. He comes from a diverse background with a Romanian mother and a Mexican father, adding a unique fusion to his identity. This diverse cultural background had a significant impact on shaping Yeat’s unique sound in the music industry.

Despite being a prominent figure in the music scene, Yeat has kept most of his personal life, including details about his parents and possible siblings, away from the spotlight. His decision to maintain privacy in this era of oversharing on social media is a testament to his reserved and somewhat private nature. His early life in California was crucial in developing his musical style and approach to his craft.

Yeats Children

While Yeats’ musical journey is pretty well-known, information regarding his personal life is kept rather confidential. As of now, the rapper hasn’t publicly acknowledged having any children. Given his young age and bustling career, it’s understandable that starting a family may not be on his immediate agenda.

Yeats’ commitment to privacy, we should avoid making assumptions about his personal life. His focus seems primarily centered on his burgeoning music career, which he pours his heart and soul into. However, this situation might change in the future. As his fans, we eagerly await any news about his life. We respect his right to privacy and look forward to witnessing his ongoing evolution as a musician and, potentially, as a family man.

Your wife/girlfriend

He remains somewhat guarded about Yeats’ personal life, especially his relationships. As of the latest information available, Yeats is unmarried. He has maintained a low profile regarding his romantic relationships, making it difficult to confirm whether he is currently dating anyone.

Yeats focuses on his burgeoning music career and is committed to maintaining his privacy. He values keeping his personal life separate from his professional life, which may contribute to the need for more public knowledge about his relationship status. Please note that the details of Yeats’ love life could change in the future, and we will endeavor to provide updates as more information becomes available.

Height, Weight, Body Measurements And Physical Appearance

Height 5 Feet 9 Inches
Weight 80 Kilogram
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Black

Yeats Ethnicity

  1. Unraveling the roots of Yeats’ ethnicity can provide a deeper insight into the artist.
  2. His mixed heritage is a blend of Mexican and Romanian influences.
  3. This multicultural background comes from his parents.
  4. His father is of Mexican descent, infusing a Latin vibe into Yeats’ upbringing.
  5. His mother hails from Romania, adding European flair to his background.
  6. Yeats’ unique ethnicity is like a palette of vibrant colors, enriching his personality.
  7. This diverse cultural mix has significantly influenced his musical style.
  8. His music often reflects elements of his multiethnic roots.
  9. The melting pot of cultures that Yeats grew up in has lent him a unique perspective.
  10. This ethnic blend is reflected in his innovative fusion of music genres.


  • Yeats’ stage name comes from a creative spin on his birth name, Noah Oliver Smith.
  • He discovered his passion for music while attending Lakeridge High School in California.
  • Yeats is not just a singer but is also known for his songwriting abilities.
  • His Californian roots and multicultural upbringing heavily influence his unique sound.
  • He made a significant shift in his career by relocating to Los Angeles from New York.
  • The singer’s zodiac sign is Pisces, often associated with artistic talents and creativity.
  • Yeats often incorporates American pop culture and Christian values elements into his music.
  • He started his music career as a rapper before gaining fame as a singer.
  • Despite his rising fame, Yeats maintains a private personal life, keeping his family and relationships out of the spotlight.
  • His music resonates with a broad audience, leading to a rapidly growing fan base.

Yeats Before Fame

Growing up in sunny California, Yeats, also known as Noah Oliver Smith, was immersed in a melting pot of cultural and musical influences. This young star was born into a Romanian-Mexican family, allowing him to grow up with an eclectic mix of cultural experiences. These experiences undoubtedly seeped into his creative spirit and influenced his musical style. He started nurturing his musical talent from a young age, with the full support of his parents.

During his high school years at Lakeridge, he discovered his passion for rapping. The initial years of his career were marked by struggle and perseverance. His journey towards success could have been smoother, but it helped him grow as an artist. Despite facing setbacks, Yeats continued to push forward, eventually finding his niche in the music industry. Before gaining fame, Yeats was just an ordinary young man with big dreams and an unwavering determination to realize those dreams.

Yeats Career

At 15, Yeats began to dabble in lyricism, marking the start of his musical journey. His initial foray into the rapping world was challenging and met with limited success. His first taste of the spotlight came in 2018 when he showcased his rap skills, hinting at his untapped potential. However, it wasn’t until 2020 that Yeats emerged as a force to reckon with in the American music industry.

He released several hit tracks that year, earning him critical acclaim and a growing fan base. His unique sound and authentic lyrics resonated with a broad audience, propelling him to stardom. This breakthrough period of his career established him as a successful rapper and significantly boosted his earnings. Despite his early struggles, Yeats’ unwavering determination and raw talent paved the way for his successful career. His journey is a testament to his resilience and passion for music.

Hobbies About Yeats Net Worth

  • A unique aspect of Yeats is his love for motorcycles.
  • He’s often seen enjoying long rides on his Harley Davidson.
  • Yeats is also a skateboarding enthusiast, a hobby since childhood.
  • This Californian star has a soft spot for the beach and enjoys surfing.
  • His hobbies also extend to artistic pursuits, like painting and drawing.
  • Yeats is a massive fan of rap music and often attends rap battles.
  • He loves exploring new places and often indulges in traveling.
  • Fitness is crucial to his lifestyle; he regularly hits the gym.
  • Yeats’ is a food lover and enjoys experimenting with different cuisines.
  • His hobbies reflect his laid-back California vibe and give an insight into how he spends his net worth.
  • Besides music, Yeats also invests in designer clothing and shoes, displaying a keen interest in fashion.
  • He is also a dog lover and spends quality time with his pet.
  • Yeats’ hobbies and how he spends his earnings provide a glimpse into his life outside of music.

Favorite Things About Yeats Net Worth

  • Yeats is a confessed lover of motorcycles.
  • The rapper invests in quality recording equipment, aiding his music production.
  • He has a soft spot for designer clothing and shoes, showcasing his stylish side.
  • Much of his net worth goes to traveling and exploring new cultures and cuisines.
  • Yeats enjoys staying fit and often splurges on gym memberships and fitness gear.
  • The artist often treats himself to surfing gear, a nod to his Californian roots.
  • Yeats appreciates visual art and spends on painting supplies.
  • The music sensation is known to spend his wealth on his beloved pet.
  • The rapper often attends rap battles, purchasing VIP tickets.
  • Yeats also gives back to the community, donating to charities he believes in.
  • His spending habits reflect a balanced lifestyle between luxury, passion, and philanthropy.

Yeats Fun Facts

  • Yeats’ first stage name was “NGeeYL.”
  • He’s known for his distinct “skrrt” ad-libs in his songs.
  • Yeats has a deep-rooted love for nature, often visiting national parks.
  • He’s a massive fan of the “Harry Potter” series, both books and movies.
  • Yeats once participated in a school talent show, performing a rap song.
  • He can play the piano and the guitar, demonstrating his musical prowess.
  • Yeats has a fascination with astrology and often talks about it.
  • He once worked at a local pizza place before his music career took off.
  • Yeats has a collection of vintage music records showcasing his love for retro sounds.
  • He’s an avid gamer and enjoys playing video games in his free time.
  • Yeats also has a hidden talent for cooking, specializing in Mexican cuisine.

Yeats Net Worth

Yeats’ financial success can be attributed to his soaring popularity in the music industry. His Mixtape RL and debut album played pivotal roles in his rising fame and wealth accumulation. The singles from his album resonated with a vast audience, particularly on the platform TikTok, where they became viral. This boosted his music sales, contributing significantly to his current net worth. Yeats’s financial standing reflects his hard work and talent today, boasting an impressive net worth of $5 million.

This figure is expected to increase with the continued growth of his career. It’s interesting to note how his fortunes compare to other artists, such as Morgan Wallen, whose net worth as of 2024 can be found elsewhere on our site. However, it’s important to remember that net worth is just one measure of success, and Yeats’ impact extends beyond his financial achievements. His unique sound and dedicated fan base testify to his success in the music industry.

Frequently Asked Questions About Yeats Net Worth

What is the meaning of the Year?

This is the combination of the two words “Heat” and “Yeat.” 

What is Yeat’s exact age in 2023?

He is 23 years old. He was born on 26 February 2000.

What is the religion of Yeat?

He was born into a Christian family. So, he is a Christian. 

What is Yeats’ wife’s name?

He is single, and he has no wife.

What is Ice Spice’s net worth in 2023?

Yeats Net Worth is roughly $5 million.

How did Yeat become famous?

In mid-2021, after the arrival of his mixtape 4L and debut studio collection Up 2 Me, with tracks from the last option.

How old is the rapper Yeat?

He is 23 years old (As of 2023).

Conclusion About Yeats’s Net Worth

In wrapping up our exploration of Yeats Net Worth, it speaks volumes about his success. This young rapper from California has carved a niche for himself in the highly competitive music industry. His financial achievements testify to his relentless dedication and raw talent.

His net worth, which we discussed in this article, mirrors his impressive career trajectory. Yet, it’s essential to remember that the financial figures are merely an external indication of his success. What truly sets Yeats apart is his unique style and lyrical prowess, which has resonated with a global audience.

In conclusion, Yeats Net Worth is an exciting topic, not merely for the monetary aspect but also as an indicator of his rapid ascent in the music world. As fans, we look forward to seeing his artistic growth and the consequent increase in his fortune. The natural richness of Yeats lies in his music and the love he receives from his fans worldwide.

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