Who is Sara Matter? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

She was born in Canada on May 5, 1986, and is a rising star in the entertainment industry. With her captivating performances and natural talent, she has quickly made a name for herself in acting. However, the journey to success was a challenging one. She started her career as Bradley but changed her stage name to honour her late grandmother, who always encouraged her to pursue her dreams.

Today, She is known for her versatility and dedication to her craft, and her fans eagerly await each of her new projects. As she continues to make waves in the industry, her net worth and height may be a mystery, but her talent and determination speak for themselves. Join us as we delve into her life, from her humble beginnings to her promising future in 2024.

Sara Matter Bio Wiki

Name Sara Bradley Matter
Nickname Sara
DOB May 5, 1986
Birth Place Canada
Husband Niall Matter
Net Worth $4 Million

Who is Sara Matter?

Captivating talent hailing from Canada has created a stir in the entertainment industry. Born Bradley, she honoured her grandmother by adopting her surname as a stage name. Her grandmother’s relentless faith in dreams served as an inspiration throughout her journey. Gifted with versatility and tenacity, Her name is synonymous with stellar performances.

Her journey in the acting world began humbly, but she swiftly rose to fame through hard work and dedication. She is not just an actress. She is a beacon of hope for many aspiring artists. Today, She is not just a name but an embodiment of perseverance and determination. While her net worth and physical attributes are often discussed, her indomitable spirit sets her apart.

Sara Matter Education

Her education has always been shrouded in mystery. With a career as vibrant and public as hers, it’s intriguing that her academic background remains undisclosed mainly. She has managed to keep her early educational journey under wraps, not sharing details about her elementary or high school years. The same secrecy extends to her university life, which is similarly undisclosed to the public.

This privacy is a testament to the belief in separating her personal life from her professional endeavours. Despite her silence on the subject, it’s clear that her education, whatever it may be, has in some way shaped the captivating actress she has become. We respect her choice to keep this aspect of her life private and will provide updates if and when she shares more about her educational background.

Sara Matter Family

Her family life remains a private affair, as she has opted to keep details about her immediate family away from the public eye. Although her birth name, Bradley, offers some insight into her lineage, specific details about her parents and potential siblings are still being determined. This tight-lipped approach extends to her family if she chooses to start one. What we do know, however, is that her grandmother played a significant role in her life.

Inspiring her to chase her dreams and providing the name she would later adopt as her stage name. Her respect and admiration for her grandmother reflect her close-knit bond with her family. While the absence of information can be tantalizing for fans, respecting the decision to maintain her family’s privacy is essential. If she chooses to share more about her family life in the future, we will be sure to update this section.

Sara Matter’s Early Life and Background

She Was born Bradley and graced the world with her presence on May 5, 1986, in Canada. Also, a deep bond with her grandmother marked her early life. Growing up in a culturally rich Canadian environment, She had early exposure to various art forms. This cultural richness ignited a spark of creativity in her.

Her native Canada was pivotal in shaping her worldview and moulding her character. However, her journey wasn’t all rosy. Her early years were peppered with struggles and challenges. Also, her early life blended rich cultural experiences and humble beginnings. This dichotomy between her life’s reality and her big dreams created a backdrop for the rise of a star.

Sara Matter Children

She is a devoted mother to two children. While she maintains a level of privacy around her family life, it is clear that her role as a mother is an integral part of her identity. Also, the details about her children, including their names and ages, are not widely known due to her commitment to protecting their privacy. Her decision to shield them from the public eye has allowed her children to enjoy a normal childhood away from the limelight.

Philosophy as a parent echoes her approach to her life, choosing to separate her professional success from her family’s tranquillity. Despite the mystery surrounding her children, it is evident that they are a fundamental part of her life. Also, this speaks volumes about her character and the values she upholds. Her commitment to her children’s privacy in the public sphere exemplifies her dedication to her role as a mother.

Sara Matter Husband/boyfriend

Her personal life is as vibrant as her professional career, albeit more private. Also, she exchanged vows with actor Niall Matter in a quiet ceremony in Hawaii. The bond between Sara and Niall started blossoming long before their marriage, as they dated for some time before deciding to formalize their relationship.

Their love story is a testament to their shared love for acting and their mutual respect for one another. The couple has welcomed two beautiful additions to their family, a daughter and a son, born in 2016 and 2018, respectively. Also, their union reflects a beautiful blend of love, respect, and companionship, making them one of the most admired couples in the entertainment industry.

Height, Weight, Body Measurements And Physical Appearance

Height 5 feet and 9 inches
Weight 61Kg
Body Measurements 34-24-35
Eye Color Black
Shoes Size Shoe Size
Hair Color Brown


  1. Delving into ethnicity, the actress hails from Canada.
  2. Given her Canadian origin, she is presumably of Caucasian descent.
  3. However, the exact ethnic background remains undisclosed.
  4. It’s a mystery as to whether she holds a mixed ethnic heritage.
  5. She’s kept this aspect of her personal life private, much like her educational background.
  6. Public records fail to divulge any concrete information about her ethnicity.
  7. There have been speculations, but none verified by herself.
  8. Her commitment to keeping her personal life away from public scrutiny is commendable.
  9. Fans and followers are left to wonder about the rich cultural background she might hold.
  10. For now, this remains another intriguing facet of a multifaceted personality.
  11. Regardless of her ethnicity, she has charmed audiences with her versatile acting skills.
  12. She is a Canadian gem in the global entertainment industry, irrespective of her ethnic roots.

Sara Matter TRIVIA

  • She adopted her grandmother’s last name, Matter, as her stage name.
  • The actress was born and raised in Canada.
  • She is known for her versatility and captivating performances in the entertainment industry.
  • Her grandmother served as a significant source of inspiration in her life.
  • Despite her fame, She prefers to keep her personal life private.
  • Her birth name is Bradley, which was changed for her professional career.
  • She is an actress and a devoted mother to two children.
  • She is married to actor Niall Matter, and they have a son and daughter together.
  • Birthday is May 5; she was born in 1986.
  • Despite the spotlight, She has kept her children’s lives away from the limelight.
  • Details about her academic background are a well-kept secret.
  • Sara and Niall Matter tied the knot in a private ceremony in Hawaii in 2016.

Before Fame

Before her fame, She was just Bradley, a young Canadian girl with big dreams. Her early life was humble yet culturally rich. Growing up, she was immersed in diverse art forms that sparked her creativity. Also, her grandmother’s faith in her dreams was a compass guiding her in the vast sea of aspiration. Sara’s early days were full of struggles and hurdles. These challenges toughened her, adding depth to her character.

However, her passion for acting remained constant, acting as a beacon in her life. Her path wasn’t lined with roses, but she was not one to back down. She embraced the struggles, each one fueling her drive to succeed. Also, the dreams of this young Canadian girl eventually paved the way to the glamorous world of acting. Her journey before fame was just the beginning of an inspiring story.

Sara Matter Career

While specific details about her career are scarce, it is known that she is a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman in Canada. Also, her journey in the corporate world has undoubtedly been a testament to her tenacity and hard work, reflecting the same dedication in her personal life. Her entrepreneurial endeavours have allowed her to carve out a niche for herself, separate from her identity as the wife of a famous actor.

Her husband, Niall Matter, is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry. Also, while she shares in his popularity, She has built her reputation based on her business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit. The specific nature of her business endeavours remains undisclosed, contributing to the mystery surrounding her. Yet, even without these details, it is clear that her business career is a testament to her determination and versatility.

Sara Matter Hobbies

  • She is a voracious reader, often seen engrossed in compelling novels.
  • Her love for nature is evident in her regular hiking and camping trips.
  • She is a fitness enthusiast, frequently partaking in yoga and pilates.
  • The actress has a knack for cooking, often experimenting with diverse cuisines.
  • As a proud Canadian, She enjoys ice skating during the winter months.
  • She is deeply fascinated with photography, often capturing life’s candid moments.
  • She finds solace in gardening and cultivating a variety of plants at home.
  • Being a mother, she cherishes spending quality time with her children.
  • She is also a film buff, often indulging in movie marathons during her downtime.
  • Despite her busy schedule, she ensures she carves out time for these passions.

Sara Matter Favorite things

  • Her favourite pastime is reading captivating novels.
  • She is passionate about nature, often going hiking and camping.
  • Fitness is a priority for her, and she regularly practices yoga and pilates.
  • She is fond of experimenting with cooking diverse cuisines.
  • Painting allows her to express her creativity, making it a favourite hobby.
  • As a proud Canadian, She loves ice skating during the frosty winter months.
  • She is captivated by the art of photography and often captures life’s candid moments.
  • Gardening is a soothing activity for Sara, helping her unwind.
  • Cherishing moments with her children rank high on her list of favourite things.
  • Sara enjoys indulging in movie marathons, highlighting her love for cinema.

Fun Facts

  • She is an avid reader, often seen with a novel in hand.
  • She loves nature and often goes hiking and camping.
  • Sara practices yoga and pilates regularly to stay fit.
  • The actress has a passion for cooking and experimenting with new recipes.
  • As a Canadian, Sara loves ice skating during winter.
  • She is fascinated with photography, often capturing life’s candid moments.
  • Sara enjoys gardening and cultivating a variety of plants at home.
  • She cherishes spending quality time with her children.
  • She is a movie buff, often indulging in film marathons.
  • She is known to keep her personal life extremely private.
  • Her favourite colour is said to be turquoise.
  • Sara adopted her grandmother’s last name as her stage name.
  • Her dream vacation destination is the Amalfi Coast in Italy.
  • She loves Italian cuisine, and her favourite dish is spaghetti alla carbonara.
  • She is also fond of horse riding and often takes riding lessons.

Sara Matter’s Net Worth

As a successful businesswoman, She has crafted a comfortable lifestyle indicative of her wealth. Also the specifics of her fortune, however, remain undisclosed. This lack of public knowledge about her net worth aligns with her preference for private personal details. Her career has yielded substantial success, allowing her to enjoy a lavish lifestyle.

As for her spouse, actor Niall Matter, his successful acting career has reportedly amassed him an estimated net worth of $4 million. Given her business acumen and dedication, her net worth likely reflects her accomplishments and successes. Also, despite the mystery surrounding her net worth, her drive and tenacity undeniably equate to her wealth and success.

Frequently Asked Question

Who is Sara Matter?

She is the wife of Canadian actor Niall Matter.

How many children do Sara and Niall Matter have?

Sara and Niall Matter have two children.

What is Niall Matter’s career in the entertainment industry?

Niall Matter is an actor known for his roles in various television shows and movies.

How do Sara and Niall Matter maintain their privacy in Hollywood?

Sara and Niall Matter maintain their privacy in Hollywood by limiting their social media presence and keeping their personal lives out of the public eye.

What is the significance of Niall Matter’s Christian faith in their family life?

Niall Matter’s Christian faith plays a significant role in their family life, providing a foundation of values and guiding their decisions.

Does Sara Matter have any known entrepreneurial ventures?

There is no publicly known information about her entrepreneurial ventures.

How do Sara and Niall Matter celebrate their wedding anniversary?

Sara and Niall Matter celebrate their wedding anniversary privately, possibly with a special dinner or getaway.


In closing, a Canadian celebrity remains a potent force behind her famous husband. Also, while much of their life remains private, their dedication to family and faith is quite apparent. Despite the glitz and glam of Hollywood, they have managed to keep their life balanced and grounded. Their deep-rooted values have created a peaceful sanctuary amidst the high-paced celebrity world.

Their approach to life, filled with simplicity and meaningful moments, serves as an inspiration to many. With a solid spiritual foundation, they continue to nurture their children and thrive as a family. Also, even though she is not publicly involved in entrepreneurial ventures, she supports her husband’s thriving acting career. Their journey is a testament to the power of love, faith, and family, leaving a lasting impression on their followers.

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