Jo Koy Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Relationships, Biography on Wikipedia, and Family

Jo Koy, known for his hilarious stand-up comedy and acting roles, has become a household name in the entertainment industry. Born on 2 June 1971 in Tacoma, Washington, Jo Koy’s real name is Joseph Glenn Herbert. However, he earned his stage name from a nickname his family gave him. With over two decades of experience in the industry, Jo Koy has established himself as one of the top comedians in the world.

He is 52 years old, and his net worth is around $5 million. Along with his successful career, Jo Koy’s personal life is also a topic of interest for many. This blog post will delve into Jo Koy Net Worth, age, height, weight, relationships, Wikipedia biography, and family background. Stay tuned to learn more about this talented and funny comedian.

Jo Koy Bio Wiki

NameJo Koy
Age52 years
Date of BirthJune 2, 1971
Place of BirthTacoma, Washington, United States
ParentsJosie Harrison (mother), John C. Herbert (father)
Monthly Income$80,000 +
Yearly Income$1 million +
Estimated Net Worth$18 million (as of latest available data)
Ranking9th wealthiest comedian globally (based on net worth)

Who is Jo Koy?

Jo Koy Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Relationships, Biography on Wikipedia, and Family

Joseph Glenn Herbert, widely recognized by his stage name, Jo Koy, is an accomplished American stand-up comedian and actor. His unique brand of humor and magnetic stage presence have garnered him a substantial following worldwide. Jo Koy’s comedy style reflects his multicultural upbringing, blending elements of his Filipino heritage with everyday American anecdotes.

Besides his successful stand-up career, Koy has also made numerous television appearances. He has guest-starred in various popular talk shows and sitcoms, exhibiting his versatile acting skills. Additionally, Jo Koy has made a name for himself in the podcast world, hosting “The Koy Pond” on PodcastOne. Jo remains a family man despite his fame, often incorporating his personal experiences into his comedy routines. This blog section will further explore Jo Koy’s life and career.

Jo Koy Education

Jo Koy, a Washington state native, values education significantly. He attended Spanaway Lake High School, located in the heart of his hometown. His early education was a blend of humor and learning, which later significantly shaped his comedic style. Jo Koy furthered his studies at Tacoma Community College after graduating high school.

Although he didn’t pursue a traditional academic path, his time in college broadened his perspectives. Here, he discovered his passion for comedy and began performing at the college’s talent shows. Jo Koy’s educational journey may not be conventional, but it undoubtedly helped mold him into the world-renowned comedian he is today.

Jo Koy Family

Family is a cornerstone in Jo Koy’s life and often inspires his comedic material. Born to a Filipino mother and an American father, Jo Koy was influenced by a mix of cultural traditions growing up. He is the eldest of four siblings, each of whom significantly impacted his life and career. His relationship with his mother, Josie, is extraordinary and frequently featured in his comedy skits.

He fondly shares stories about her in his performances, showcasing their loving, humorous dynamic. Jo Koy also has a son named Joseph, a regular feature in his stand-up routines. His journey as a single father brings a relatable and heartfelt touch to his comedy. His family’s support and shared sense of humor have played a pivotal role in shaping Jo Koy as a comedian and a person.

Jo Koy’s Early Life and Background

Jo Koy’s journey to stardom began in Tacoma, Washington. Raised in a multicultural household, he had a wealthy, diverse upbringing. His mother, who is from the Philippines, and his American father instilled in him a deep appreciation for both cultures. This unique cultural fusion would later shape his comedic voice. Jo Koy’s early years were filled with laughter and bonding. This warmth and hilarity laid the foundation for his future comedy.

His family, friends, and experiences were his earliest comedic influences. Jo Koy’s family encouraged his comedic endeavors, fostering his innate talent. As a child, he discovered his ability to make people laugh. This revelation ignited his interest in comedy, paving his path toward a successful career. His early life and background played an instrumental role in defining Jo Koy’s unique comedic style.

Jo Koy Children

In the comedic universe of Jo Koy, one cannot ignore his son, Joseph. The bond between this dynamic duo is a subject Jo Koy frequently explores in his comedy routines. Born in 2003, Joseph Herbert, nicknamed “Little Joe,” reflects Jo Koy’s loving fatherhood. Not just a proud parent, Jo Koy is a single dad, a fact that enriches his comedy content with genuine experiences.

He often shares anecdotes about his son’s life, interspersing his stand-up with stories of Little Joe’s unique perspectives and humorous encounters. This father-son bond is undeniably unique, presenting an endearing side of Jo Koy. While Joseph Herbert may not be in the limelight like his father, his presence is felt in every joke and story Jo Koy tells on stage.

Jo Koy, Wife/girlfriend

Jo Koy has kept his romantic life away from the limelight chiefly. However, it’s known that he was once married to Angie King. Their marriage resulted in the birth of their son, Joseph. Unfortunately, the couple decided to part ways, and Jo Koy has since been raising his son as a single dad.

This part of his life often appears in his comedy, adding an authentic and heartfelt touch to his routines. Despite his relationship status being a topic of interest for many, Jo Koy has maintained a private and respectful approach to discussing his past relationships. As of now, it needs to be clarified if the comedian is currently in a relationship. Jo Koy’s dedication to his son and career remains unwavering.

Height, Weight, Body Measurements And Physical Appearance

Height:In Centimetres – 193 cm
In Feet and Inches – 6′4″
Weight:In Kilograms – 60 Kg
In Pounds – 132 lbs
Eye Color:Dark Brown
Hair Color:Black
Sexual Orientation:Straight

Jo Koy Ethnicity

Jo Koy’s ethnicity is an intricate blend of Filipino and American heritage:

  1. His mother, Josie, is a native of the Philippines. Her influence has heavily shaped Jo Koy’s understanding and appreciation of Filipino culture.
  2. Jo’s father is of European-American descent, adding another layer of diversity to his background.
  3. Growing up, Jo Koy was immersed in a vibrant fusion of cultures. This blend is evident in his unique comedic style.
  4. Much of Jo Koy’s humor draws from his multicultural upbringing, often incorporating elements of both Filipino and American cultures in his routines.
  5. This multiethnic background is a vital part of Jo Koy’s identity and has played an influential role in his success as a comedian.
  6. Jo Koy often humorously reflects on cultural differences and similarities in his stand-up acts, emphasizing his dual heritage.
  7. His comedy acts as a bridge between the two cultures, resonating with a diverse audience.
  8. Jo Koy’s ethnic background has significantly enriched his comedic persona and given him a unique voice in the industry.


  • Jo Koy was a regular panelist on E!’s late-night “Chelsea Lately.”
  • He kick-started his career performing in Las Vegas coffeehouses.
  • Don’t Make Him Angry” was Jo Koy’s first Comedy Central special in 2009.
  • He paid for the production of his unique “Jo Koy: Live from Seattle” himself.
  • Jo Koy received a standing ovation for his performance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”
  • He was named Stand-Up Comedian of the Year at the 2018 Just for Laughs Comedy Festival.
  • Jo Koy is also a talented impressionist.
  • His podcast, “The Koy Pond,” has hosted celebrities like Howie Mandel and Jon Lovitz.
  • He has an ongoing scholarship at his alma mater, Tacoma Community College.
  • Jo Koy is known for his charitable works, including support for The Lupus Foundation.

Jo Koy Before Fame

Before he was known worldwide as Jo Koy, Joseph Glenn Herbert was just an average boy from Tacoma, Washington. His humor-filled childhood was the first sign of his comedic flair. Growing up in a multicultural household shaped his unique sense of humor—this early exposure to different cultures fed into his comedic material. Jo Koy’s high school years were pivotal as he began exploring his talent for making people laugh.

During his time at Tacoma Community College, he further cemented his passion for comedy. It was during these college years that he began performing at talent shows. These early performances were the stepping stones towards his career in stand-up. He worked various jobs at a shoe store and performed in Las Vegas coffeehouses to support himself while honing his craft. These humble beginnings paved the way for Jo Koy’s rise to stardom in comedy.

Jo Koy Career

Jo Koy Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Relationships, Biography on Wikipedia, and Family

Jo Koy’s comedic journey began humbly in coffeehouses in Las Vegas. He furthered his skills by performing in numerous local comedy clubs. Jo’s big break came with a performance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” earning him a standing ovation. This marked a significant turning point in Jo Koy’s career. He then became a regular panelist on E!’s “Chelsea Lately,” solidifying his presence in the entertainment industry.

Jo Koy’s stand-up specials, “Don’t Make Him Angry” and “Jo Koy: Live from Seattle,” were notable successes, with the latter self-produced. The comedian’s versatility extends to podcasting with “The Koy Pond.” His talent was recognized at the 2018 Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, where he was named Stand-Up Comedian of the Year. Jo Koy’s illustrious career is a testament to his enduring talent and passion for comedy.

Hobbies About Jo Koy Net Worth

  • Jo Koy is a sports enthusiast and regularly watches NBA games.
  • He mainly supports the Los Angeles Lakers, often posting about the team on his social media.
  • In addition to watching sports, Jo Koy loves playing golf.
  • He often shares images of his golfing experiences on Instagram.
  • Apart from sports, Jo Koy has a passion for fashion, usually sporting designer clothing and accessories.
  • He has a particular affinity for sneakers and has a considerable collection.
  • Jo Koy also enjoys cooking and often explores various Filipino recipes.
  • He usually spends time with his son Joseph, with whom he shares many hobbies.
  • Despite his growing net worth, Jo Koy still values simple pleasures and enjoys spending time at home with his family.
  • Jo Koy’s hobbies reflect his interests and lifestyle, further enriching his persona beyond his comedic career.

Favorite Things About Jo Koy Net Worth

  1. Jo Koy Net Worth has allowed him to indulge in his love for fashion, mainly designer clothing and high-end sneakers.
  2. His sneaker collection is enviable, filled with rare and exclusive pairs.
  3. Beyond material things, Jo Koy uses his wealth to support his passion for basketball and golf.
  4. He regularly attends NBA games, notably the Los Angeles Lakers.
  5. He also enjoys golfing at upscale courses, sharing these experiences on his social media.
  6. Another favorite aspect of Jo Koy Net Worth is his ability to give back.
  7. He’s a strong supporter of charities, including The Lupus Foundation.
  8. Jo also established a scholarship at his alma mater, Tacoma Community College.
  9. While his net worth enables an affluent lifestyle, Jo Koy remains grounded, cherishing simple pleasures like cooking Filipino food and spending time with his son, Joseph.

Jo Koy Fun Facts

  • Jo Koy’s real name is Joseph Glenn Herbert. His stage name, “Jo Koy,” comes from a childhood nickname.
  • He is left-handed, a fact he often jokes about in his stand-up routines.
  • As a child, Jo Koy aspired to be a professional dancer.
  • Jo Koy is a confessed “sneakerhead.” He boasts an extensive collection of rare and designer sneakers.
  • Jo Koy’s mother, Josie, often appears in his comedy routines. He humorously portrays her as a typical, strict Filipino mom.
  • The comedian has a surprising talent for impressions. His impression of his mother is prevalent among fans.
  • Jo Koy’s favorite Filipino dish is sinigang, a sour soup.
  • He once worked as a shoe salesman before he made it big in comedy.
  • Jo Koy performs in small comedy clubs despite his success connecting with his roots.
  • He’s an avid supporter of the Los Angeles Lakers and often attends their games.
  • Jo Koy is also a passionate golfer. He spends his free time on the golf course.

Jo Koy Net Worth

Jo Koy has made a significant fortune from his career in comedy, television appearances, and other entrepreneurial ventures. According to Forbes, his estimated net worth stands impressively at $18 million. This sizable net worth places Jo Koy in ninth place on the world’s wealthiest comedians list. His earnings primarily stem from his stand-up specials, appearances on famous talk shows, and a successful podcast, “The Koy Pond.”

He has also been known to generate revenue from live performances, even at smaller comedy clubs, connecting with his roots while building his wealth. Despite his high net worth, Jo Koy remains dedicated to his craft, constantly working to entertain his audiences. His remarkable net worth is a testament to his enduring talent, hard work, and passion for comedy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jo Koy Net Worth

How old Is Jo Koy?

Jo Koy, born on 2 June 1971, is an American actor and stand-up comedian. He earned his stage name from a nickname his family gave him. He is 52 years old.

Who is Jo Koy’s birth mother?

Jo Koy has a mixed ethnicity. He was born to a white American father, Jack Herbert, and a Filipino mother, Josie Harrison. His father worked in the United States Air Force and was stationed in the Philippines when he married his mother.

Where is Jo Koy from?

Koy’s family relocated from Spanaway, Washington, to Tacoma, Washington, and then to Las Vegas when he was in high school. He originally went to Spanaway Lake High School and later joined Foss High School. He was a student at the University of Nevada but dropped out to follow his passion as a stand-up comedian.

Conclusion About Jo Koy Net Worth

Jo Koy’s journey from Spanaway to the spotlight is inspiring. He dropped out of the University of Nevada to pursue his passion for stand-up comedy, ultimately leading to a prosperous career. He has made a significant name in the entertainment industry and is also true to his roots. With a distinctive stage name coined from a family nickname, he proudly represents his mixed ethnicity.

Jo Koy, at the age of 52, continues to amuse audiences with his comedic skills, proving that age is just a number when it comes to chasing dreams. His journey is a vivid reminder that success comes to those willing to take risks. So, whether you are familiar with his work or just getting to know him, there’s no denying the incredible talent and charisma that Jo Koy brings to the table.

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