Harlan Crow Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Relationships, Biography on Wikipedia, and Family

He Was Born on June 9, 1950, in Dallas, Texas. Crow inherited his passion for real estate from his father, Trammell Crow, a renowned developer who played a pivotal role in shaping the modern real estate landscape. With such an influential figure as a mentor, it’s no surprise that Harlan Crow has made a name for himself in the industry.

Harlan Crow Net Worth is estimated to be in the billions, making him one of the wealthiest individuals in the world. But his success was not only measured by his wealth; he was also known for his philanthropy, art collection, and political contributions. Learn more about this fascinating businessman, his relationships, and his family on his Wikipedia biography.

Harlan Crow Bio Wiki

Full nameHarlan Rogers Crow
NicknameHarlan Crow
Date of birthJune 9, 1950
Zodiac signSagittarius
Age73 years old
Place of birthDallas, Texas, United States
Current residenceDallas, Texas, United States

Who is Harlan Crow?

Harlan Crow Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Relationships, Biography on Wikipedia, and Family

Harlan Crow is more than just a real estate mogul. Born in the heart of Texas, his journey began within the confinements of a family deeply immersed in the real estate domain. Under the guidance of his father, Trammell Crow, a luminary in the realm of real estate development, Harlan quickly established a unique identity.

His business acumen and astute understanding of real estate legalities propelled him to become a titan in the industry. Beyond his business exploits, Harlan Crow is a philanthropist, an art connoisseur, and a prominent political contributor. His life encapsulates a relentless pursuit of success, a keen eye for art, and a heart that beats for the betterment of society.

Harlan Crow Education

A cornerstone of Harlan Crow’s journey to becoming a distinguished figure in the real estate world was his extensive education. After completing high school, Crow sought out the prestigious halls of Yale University. There, he vigorously engaged with his studies, ultimately graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1972. His thirst for knowledge, however, did not end with his time at Yale.

In a remarkable stride forward, Crow decided to delve deeper into the legal aspects that govern the real estate world. To do this, he moved to Texas, where he attended the University of Texas School of Law. Crow’s dedication and commitment to his studies resulted in his graduating with a Juris Doctor degree in 1976.

This law degree would provide him with a solid understanding of the legal intricacies of real estate development, undoubtedly contributing to his success in the field. Harlan Crow’s educational background, steeped in the arts and law, undoubtedly sculpted him into the astute real estate tycoon he is known today. His time at Yale and the University of Texas School of Law was integral to his professional journey.

Harlan Crow Family

Harlan Crow hails from a family where real estate wasn’t just a business but a way of life. His father, Trammell Crow, was a highly regarded real estate developer whose contributions to the industry are still celebrated today. From him, Harlan inherited a thriving business and a deep understanding of the real estate world.

He also has six siblings who, like him, have been involved in the family business in varying capacities. Despite the inherent competition, the Crow family shares a close bond and often collaborates on business ventures. Their familial hard work and vision ethos have enriched the real estate industry and the Still. It has also led to them being regarded as one of the most influential families in America.

Harlan Crow’s Early Life and Background

The Lone Star State birthed Harlan Crow on June 9, 1950. As the son of Trammell Crow, the essence of real estate was embedded in Harlan’s DNA from his early years. The Crow family, prominent in Dallas, lived a life intimately intertwined with the ebb and flow of the real estate market. This environment stimulated growth for Harlan, fostering an innate understanding of the industry’s complexities.

Early on, Harlan showed signs of his father’s visionary streak. As a young boy, he accompanied his father to business meetings, absorbing the art of deal-making. These experiences sculpted his understanding of the real estate world, planting seeds for his future success. Despite living under the towering legacy of his father, Harlan emerged from his shadow, crafting a distinct identity. His youth was a blend of Texan grit, familial legacy, and a burning passion for real estate.

Harlan Crow Children

Harlan Crow is a devoted father to his four children. Each child, much like their father, possesses a unique blend of tenacity, intellect, and creative spirit. His eldest daughter, Sarah, followed in her father’s footsteps, making significant strides in the real estate industry. On the other hand, Harlan Crow’s son, Trammell S. Crow, chose a slightly different path, dedicating his time to environmental advocacy.

Harlan’s two younger daughters, Lucy and Margaret, also exhibit a profound passion for philanthropy and social work. Despite the diversity in their interests, all four of Crow’s children share a common trait: an unwavering commitment to the betterment of society, a legacy of their father. The close-knit Crow family often collaborates, combining their talents to contribute to societal change and progress.

Harlan Crow, Wife/girlfriend

Harlan Crow Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Relationships, Biography on Wikipedia, and Family

The magnate of the real estate world, Harlan Crow, is happily married to his wife, Kathy Crow. The couple has three wonderful children – Jack, Sarah, and Rob. Like their business endeavors, their family life is in the bustling city of Dallas, Texas. Nevertheless, the Crows also own various properties in numerous other locales, echoing their deep roots in the real estate industry.

Interestingly 2012, Harlan Crow added a new chapter to his global ties. He became a dual citizen of Saint Kitts and Nevis, an island country in the West Indies and the United States. With their family and properties spread across the globe, the Crows truly embody a modern, international lifestyle.

Height, Weight, Body Measurements And Physical Appearance

Height5 feet 7 inches
weight90 kg
Skin colorWhite
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBrawn

Harlan Crow Ethnicity

  1. Harlan Crow boasts a rich heritage rooted in the heart of Texas.
  2. His ethnicity traces back to Caucasian origins.
  3. A true Dallas native, Crow’s family tree is steeply entrenched in Texas history.
  4. His lineage contributes to his deeply ingrained Texan values and business ethos.
  5. Crow’s Texan identity and Caucasian ethnicity are intrinsic parts of his persona.
  6. Despite his global business ventures and international ties, he remains steadfastly Texan.
  7. The cultural nuances of his heritage continue to shape his worldview.
  8. This diverse Texan and Caucasian blend offers a distinctive flavor to his approach to real estate.
  9. His heritage informs not only his business acumen but also his values.
  10. This harmonious blend of Texan grit and cosmopolitan finesse makes Harlan Crow fascinating.


  • Harlan Crow is a member of the esteemed Phi Beta Kappa Society.
  • He is an avid art collector, with over 400 pieces in his private collection.
  • Known for his political contributions, Crow has been a significant donor to Republican campaigns.
  • His sprawling Dallas estate boasts a personal library housing over 8,000 books.
  • Crow is passionate about historical artifacts and owns several unique items, such as a letter by George Washington. –
  • He became a dual citizen of the United States and the island country of Saint Kitts and Nevis in 2012.
  • Crow has a park in Dallas named after him, “Harlan Crow Park,” in recognition of his contributions to the city.
  • A champion of education, he has funded several scholarships and educational programs.
  • Harlan Crow’s philanthropic work extends beyond the United States, contributing to causes in Africa and Asia.
  • Despite his massive wealth, Crow is known for his modesty and simplicity.

Harlan Crow Before Fame

A glimpse into Harlan Crow’s life before his rise to fame is truly inspiring. Born in 1950, he was the son of a visionary real estate magnate, Trammell Crow. Growing up in Dallas, Texas, he was exposed to the intricate world of real estate from a young age. He attended prestigious institutions, Yale University and later the University of Texas School of Law. However, his road to success was not without challenges.

His journey was defined by hard work, dedication, and an innate passion for real estate. He often accompanied his father to business meetings, absorbing the nuances of deal-making. These experiences shaped his understanding of real estate, sowing the seeds for his future success. Long before his fame, Crow was a young man with a dream, a deep love for real estate, and a thirst for knowledge.

Harlan Crow Career

Harlan Crow Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Relationships, Biography on Wikipedia, and Family

Laying the foundation of his career, Harlan Crow entered the real estate world by joining his father’s company, Trammell Crow, in 1974. His legal background, obtained from his tenure at the University of Texas School of Law, proved to be a formidable asset in navigating the industry’s complexities. As a young graduate, he swiftly assumed crucial business responsibilities within the company.

Under Harlan’s leadership, the company experienced a remarkable growth trajectory, expanding its reach and establishing a robust market presence. His entrepreneurial spirit and strategic insight allowed the company to thrive in a dynamic market landscape. From overseeing strategic decisions to managing day-to-day operations, Harlan played a pivotal role in the company’s success. His tenure at the helm of Trammell Crow cemented his reputation as a dynamic leader in the real estate industry.

Hobbies About Harlan Crow Net Worth

  1. Harlan Crow’s hobbies are as diverse as his real estate ventures.
  2. He is a connoisseur of art, boasting a private collection of over 400 pieces.
  3. Crow’s interest in history extends to his collection of unique artifacts.
  4. He is not just limited to artifacts; he also collects letters and books, with over 8,000 volumes in his library.
  5. He loves to explore the great outdoors, a trait mirrored in his sprawling Dallas estate.
  6. Crow’s passion for philanthropy is more than just a hobby; it’s a way of life.
  7. A political enthusiast, he is known for his significant contributions to Republican campaigns.
  8. Despite his busy schedule, Crow always finds time for family outings and adventures.
  9. His hobbies provide a deeper understanding of the man beyond his immense wealth.
  10. They reflect his interests, values, and the diversity of his personality.

Favorite Things About Harlan Crow Net Worth

  • Harlan Crow Net Worth reflects his successful real estate career.
  • He finds joy in using his wealth for philanthropic endeavors.
  • Harlan Crow Net Worth has fueled his fascination for historical artifacts and art.
  • Crow’s net worth allows him to contribute significantly to Republican campaigns.
  • He enjoys the freedom his wealth provides in exploring new real estate ventures.
  • Various scholarships and educational programs have funded Harlan Crow Net Worth.
  • It allows him to maintain a significant library, reflecting his love for knowledge.
  • Harlan Crow Net Worth supports his international lifestyle, including his dual citizenship.
  • It aids his hobby of collecting unique items, such as a letter by George Washington.
  • Crow’s wealth ensures he can continue his father’s legacy in the real estate industry.

Harlan Crow Fun Facts

  • Harlan Crow’s collection of historical artifacts includes fascinating items like Napoleon’s death mask.
  • In addition to his art collection, Crow has a penchant for collecting unusual and unique items.
  • Did you know that Crow once purchased an entire British village, Lockeridge Dene, in 2007?
  • A fun fact about Crow’s philanthropy: he supports a school in Liberia named after his mother, Margaret Doggett Crow.
  • Crow is a conservative think tank member of the American Enterprise Institute.
  • Despite his wealth, Crow is known for driving around in a pickup truck!
  • Crow is a severe history buff whose art collection focuses mainly on historical pieces.
  • He is the chairman of Crow Holdings, a privately owned real estate investment and development firm.
  • Known for his discretion, Crow often avoids the limelight, preferring to keep his personal life private.

Harlan Crow Net Worth

Harlan Crow Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Relationships, Biography on Wikipedia, and Family

With an estimated worth of around $3.1 billion, Harlan Crow ranks among the wealthiest real estate moguls globally. As the Chairman of Crow Holdings, a privately owned real estate investment firm valued at a staggering $29 billion, his financial prowess is evident. But his wealth isn’t solely tied to his business ventures. As a prominent donor and contributor, Crow invests significant parts of his fortune in supporting various campaigns and organizations.

Harlan’s father, the late Trammell Crow, left a massive estate worth $2.8 billion at the time of his passing in 2009. Despite inheriting such wealth, Harlan forged his path, growing his assets through strategic investment and development. Thus, his substantial Harlan Crow Net Worth is a testament to his inheritance and reflects his savvy business acumen and unyielding determination.

Frequently Asked Questions About Harlan Crow Net Worth

How much is Harlan Crow worth?

Harlan Crow Net Worth of $3 billion US dollars.

How much is Crow Holdings worth?

The valuation of Crow Holdings is not publicly disclosed. However, considering its vast real estate holdings and diversified investments, it’s reasonable to assume it’s worth billions of dollars.

How wealthy is the Crow family?

The Crow family’s wealth is also not publicly available, but given their significant real estate holdings and investments, it’s safe to infer they are collectively billionaires.

Who is Harlan Crow married to?

Harlan Crow is married to Kathy Crow. They are known for their philanthropic efforts and contributions to various community projects.

What is Trammell Harlan Crow Net Worth?

Trammell Crow, Harlan’s father, had a net worth of several billion dollars at his death in 2009, mainly due to his successful real estate ventures.

Is Harlan Crow a billionaire?

Yes, Harlan Crow is a billionaire, with most of his wealth coming from his ownership stake in Crow Holdings.

Who is the CEO of Crow Holdings?

The current CEO of Crow Holdings is Michael Levy. He took over the role in 2019 and has driven the company’s growth since then.

Conclusion About Harlan Crow Net Worth

Harlan Crow, following in the footsteps of his visionary father, has built an impressive fortune. As a primary shareholder in Crow Holdings, his billionaire status is not up for debate. His significant wealth, however, is not his only measure of success. Crow’s business acumen, inherited from his father and finely honed over the years, has steered.

Crow Holdings is stable in the highly competitive real estate sector. His wealth isn’t just a testament to his financial success, business prowess, and strategic leadership. Harlan Crow Net Worth will continue to be a topic of interest, reflecting his ongoing achievements in real estate.

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